A Free Life

documentary, 19’14”

Going away for three years. Three years and a day to be precise. Away from friends, family and home. An ancient tradition that only a handful of tradesmen still follow today; the journeyman’s travel. We take to the road to accompany travelling apprentices in different phases of their journey and are witnesses to a life that in this modern day and age, hardly anyone feels brave enough to lead.

Directors: Valentin Brotbek, Christian Taro
Camera: Valentin Brotbek, Christian Taro
Sound: Fleur Matson, Antonin Wittwer
Montage: Katharina Bhend
Music: Björn Meyer, Klaus Gesing, Renato Achermann
Sounddesign: Hans Peter Gutjahr

Production: Hochschule Design & Kunst Luzern
Co-Production: SRF; Swiss Radio and Television
Supported by Aargauer Kuratorium & Berner Filmförderung

© 2015 | Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

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