Bitch Fest – Aftermovie

31st October 2018

Afterclip for the good boys from Bitch Queens and their „Bitch Fest“. Still got some glitter and beer on the camera (pushing that lil beast pretty hard at the moment).
However, it was well worth it!

Bitch Fest 2018

Bitch Fest 2018 aftermovie by Taro – visual wizardry – what a party! Thanks again to everyone who showed up, all the great bands everyone who supported us and of course Hirscheneck ❤️–> The Peacocks, Heavy Harvest, The Kendolls, Scumbag Millionaire, Reverend Backflash, Luca Piazzalonga, Ronny Rottenmeier … 💋

Gepostet von Bitch Queens am Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2018