Punk auf Indonesisch

9th January 2019


Im Rahmen der Gruppenausstellung PUNK – Raw Power, The Revolt Against Innocent zeigt die Photobastei die Ausstellung der Basler Fotografin Eleni Kougionis: Punk auf Indonesisch.

Die Fotografin Eleni Kougionis, *1988 wohnhaft in Basel, zeigt die Fotoreportage ihrer ersten Reise nach Indonesien aus dem Jahr 2015. Dort tauchte sie mit grosser Unterstützung heimischer Punks in die riesige und vielfältige Szene auf der Insel Java ein. Drei Jahre später begleitete sie ihre Freunde der Basler Hardcore Punk Band Heckler auf deren Süd­­ostasien Tournee, wo sie bekannte Menschen und Orte wieder traf. Daraus entstanden der Film «Still Wrecked – Heckler Southeast Asia Tour» in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Filmemacher Christian Taro und weitere Bilder der Ausstellung.

Fotografin: www.elenikougionis.com
Band: www.hecklerpunk.bandcamp.com
Film Montage: www.christiantaro.com

11. Januar bis 3. März 2019
Mi bis Sa, 12–21 h, So 12–18 h
Sihlquai 125, 8005 Zürich

Zeal & Ardor – UK Tour

10th December 2018

I‘m truly grateful for all the unique opportunities the work I love to do offers me. Last week I’ve been on tour with Zeal and Ardor to film their United Kingdom tour. Not only are these guys top-notch musicians but also very rad people that I had an absolute blast hanging with. That applies to the whole road crew!

They are still on the road so if you get the chance to see them live don‘t miss out. They‘re nothing short of amazing.

(Here some random film stills. Straight outta camera, v-log, no touch-ups).

Bitch Fest – Aftermovie

31st October 2018

Afterclip for the good boys from Bitch Queens and their „Bitch Fest“. Still got some glitter and beer on the camera (pushing that lil beast pretty hard at the moment).
However, it was well worth it!

Bitch Fest 2018

Bitch Fest 2018 aftermovie by Taro – visual wizardry – what a party! Thanks again to everyone who showed up, all the great bands everyone who supported us and of course Hirscheneck ❤️–> The Peacocks, Heavy Harvest, The Kendolls, Scumbag Millionaire, Reverend Backflash, Luca Piazzalonga, Ronny Rottenmeier … 💋

Gepostet von Bitch Queens am Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2018

doodah presents COOL GREEN WATER

14th September 2018

COOL GREEN WATER is here for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again doodah for the continued support. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Big up to the shredders in front of the lens killing it (and themselves) – Timmey, Christoph & Samy!

Major shout out as well to Filip Zuan who shot some darn neat pictures of this special trip. Pretty sure we’re gonna see them somewhere soon! Peek his profile to see his awesome work.

Projects like this and the great feedback really motivates me to keep doing what i love to do.

Music by Frank Powers.


4th September 2018

Premiere @ Port Land Basel

31st August 2018

“COOL GREEN WATER” premieres tonight at the ESC Basel party at Port Land Basel.

This time we went to the beautiful scenery of the Verzasca valley to see if we could find some unique spots no one ever skated before.

Our little clip is followed by the new video by “Own Skateboards” – really looking forward to see this one myself! So come by have a beer and enjoy the pre party to an amazing weekend.

Thanks for making this happen @skateboardeurope & @doodahstore.

Allianz Cinema Basel 2018 – Moodclip

15th August 2018

Art and Wheels 2018

26th June 2018

The official Art and Wheels Basel aftermovie is here. Thanks again for the opportunity guys. Really honored to be part of the show. Can‘t wait for next year‘s five year anniversary edition!

Art and Wheels 2018

Here it is ladies & gents! We are super stoked to share with you our official aftermovie. Thanks a lot to our buddy Taro – visual wizardry (@taro.tornado) for capturing our special little show once again. We hope you guys like the film as much as we do!#artandwheelsbasel #artandwheels #chopperlife

Gepostet von Art and Wheels Basel am Montag, 25. Juni 2018

Long Time No See.

21st June 2018

It’s been a while since I posted something on here. The reason beeing that I’m drowning in (awesome) work at the moment.

Just filmed some artsy material for Art Basel with my good pal Alain, finishing the Art and Wheels edit (drops very soon), organizing some stuff for this weekend and a lot of other small things here and there. (Good thing I’m not too much into soccer… haven’t seen one game of the world cup yet)

I’m just about to leave the house for a new mission for Doodah and I couldn’t be more hyped. It’s always a real pleasure and privilege to get creative with the good homies and spend some quality time skateboarding.

Above’s a picture from last year’s trip in the swiss alps. Filming the boys (and a broom..) in a giant ditch where they get rid of all the gathered snow from the streets in the wintertime… who knew something like that even existed?!

Wanna know more about that ditch and what went down there? Check it here!

Documenting skateboarding is hard…

15th May 2018

El x Desertscene Apparel | Release Promo

27th April 2018

The supremely talented and handsome El Bernardes designed some limited edition apparel for the legendary Desertfest London.

Here’s the film we produced for this special occasion.

Thanks Desertfest, Sarika, Alain and of course El – you guys rule!

Music: Bright Curse – Unknown Mistress


ESC Basel 2018

2nd March 2018

This is a big one. For myself and even for Basel.

The ESC are coming back! (after 7 long years)

I remember standing on the big ramps before my run with shaky legs and sweaty palms. I never really got far in these contests… but man, those were hands down the best days in the entire year.

Being involved in the reissue of the ESC is something really special and I’m more than stoked. Thanks Oli!

Teaser by Ahoimotion and myself. More to come. Stay posted here or follow Skateboardeurope on Facebook or/and Instagram.

New stuff in the making

5th February 2018

There‘s something cooking (or is it melting?).
However I‘m really stoked and honored to be involved. My younger self would probably explode with excitement. Heck, my current self is exploding!

More soon.

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Filming for First Love

4th February 2018

Four years ago today.

We filmed through two whole nights and it was beyond freezing. But still, we had a great time and the boys were killing it.

The 6 minute short turned out to be truly a matter of the heart. It was shown on lots of different festivals and even got lucky enough to win a price here and there. I‘m planning on uploading it in the (very) near future. Pinky promise.

Till then have another look at the trailer.

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Alive @ Brescia Winter Film Festival

13th December 2017

Exciting news!
Tomorrow our film “alive” will be screened at the Brescia Winter Film Festival at the beautiful cinema NUOVO EDEN in Brescia, Italy.
We’re all really stoked and honored. Grazie!

Alive supports Turbodojo!

8th November 2017

Heart & Tradition | Thank you and Goodbye

29th October 2017

Get those tissues ready!
The all around good guy Diego decided it is time to close his lovely Heart & Tradition shop. In honour of this occasion here’s a little goodbye from my side. Thanks for the ride Diego and all the best for the future!

El and Julie…

23rd October 2017

…riding into the sunset like once Lucky Luke & Jolly Jumper did.
Filmstill from a recent shoot with the chopperqueen herself.
More to come!

“a free life” is shortfilm of the week!

24th September 2017

Our film about the journeyman years “a free life” is online for your viewing pleasure. The swiss national tv broadcaster is streaming the shortfilm for one week. If you would like to watch it with english subtitles drop me a message. Link is here: *click*

That Noise Magazine

22nd July 2017

Thanks for the love! Stoked to be featured in the recent That Noise Magazine. Be sure to grab your issue now!

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Doodah | Alive

13th July 2017

It’s always a real honor when the biggest swiss skateshop trusts my work and gives me a carte blanche to create something unique for them.
This time doodah took us to the swiss alps to some of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever been to. Thanks again for the opportunity & trust. Can’t wait to see what’s next!
For more information see here.

Doodah | alive photo series | Teaser

11th July 2017

Teaser – alive photo series

Ever skated a monster ditch like this? Or on a dam in the swiss alps?New clip for doodah is in the pipeline. Full clip drops tomorrow!#alivephotoseries

Posted by Taro – visual wizardry on Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Ever skated a monster ditch like this? Or on a dam in the swiss alps?
New clip for doodah is in the pipeline. Full clip drops tomorrow!